Adat Hatikvah

Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Here at Adat we would like to "continue the conversation."  Real life happens to all of us every day in our homes, neighborhoods, and on the job.  While there are many great times, its not always easy.  Growth Groups are designed to help each of us grow in our relationship with God and with each other.

Types of Growth groups at Adat

  • Torah Clubs
  • Sermon Disscussions
  • Prayer
  • Affinity Groups

Growth Groups provide...

Discover God 

By digging deeper into his character both in your personal lifestyle and in community.

Become who He created you to be

Through discipleship, assessments, coaching, and Growth Groups with a focus on intentional personal spiritual formation.

Invest in His kingdom

By being best of who we are created to be. Primarily using your resources and time to support the mission of the synagogue.



Carmen P. in Grayslake, IL
Tuesdays   6:30 PM   (Weekly)


Adat Hatikvah
Wednesdays  7:00 PM   (Weekly)

Sermon Discussion -Women Only

Kathleen D. & Teri A. in Zion, IL
Thursdays   7:00 PM   (Weekly)

Sermon Discussion

Zach & Tamar R. in Highland Park, IL
Thursdays   7:00 PM   (Bi-Weekly)

Sermon Discussion (Women Only)

Sandi D in Skokie
Saturdays  6:30 PM  (1st & 3rd Sat of month)

Torah Club:
Unrolling the Scroll*

Evy R. and Neal S. at Adat Hatikvah
Saturdays   1:00pm   (Weekly)

Torah Club:
Shadows of Messiah*

Debra S. & Heather R. at Adat Hatikvah
Saturdays   1:00pm   (Weekly)

Torah Club:
Shadows of Messiah*

Neal S. in Hawthorn Woods, IL
Tuesdays   7:00 PM   (Weekly)
*FFOZ requires "Unrolling the Scroll" as a prerequisite for all other Torah Studies.


Interested is joining a group? Interested in Hosting? Have questions?