Adat Hatikvah

Bring a Bag Lunch, Your Friends & Family, and Enjoy these Summer Musical Presentations!! Following the Shabbat Services.

June 24th - Piano:
Tickling the Ivories

with Daniel Perron

July 8th - Dance:
Alats: Kids Dance Troup

with Sign of the Dove Dance

July 15th -  Strings:
Lord of the Strings

with  Jessie Hudson,
Mai El Moughayar
and Liam Colbert

July 22nd - Brass:
Classy, Brassy, and Sassy!

with Kent Lurvey
& Lakeland Area Brass

July 29th - Woodwinds:
Where Woodwinds  Go,
Treble Follows!

with Nathan Colbert
& Nancy Kingsbury

Percussion: I’ve Got Rhythm!  
Henry Rivera

Aug 12th - Vocals:  
A Song in Your Heart

with Scharema Hannibal

Aug 19th - Dance:
Feel the Beat!

with Anisa Diaz-Jones

Aug 26th - Guitar & Bass:
The Guitar Man:

with Benny Ramos